Deer Path Recycling Operating Theory

   Dirty coolant is removed from the machine sumps via a vacuum Sump Cleaner, and transported to the Deer Path Recycling System. This should be done as part of a regular maintenance schedule. The dirty coolant is pumped out of the sump cleaner into the dirty section of the System, through a 100 micron Bag Filter, to remove solid, chips and other contaminates.
   A floating skimmer located in the dirty section picks up the tramp-oil and coolant and transfers it to the Deer Path Tramp-Oil Separator section. In the separator, the tramp-oils are removed by the coalescing media, and discharged into a waste drum via a 12” Wheel Skimmer.
   The clarified coolant flows from the bottom of the separator into the clean section of the System. Excess coolant flows back into the dirty section forming a closed-loop, continually flowing system. This allows the coolant to make multiple passes through the Tramp-Oil Separator. Clean coolant for shop use is taken from the clean side of the system. You will have clean fresh coolant available at all times.

   All of our systems are quoted with built in secondary containment that meets OSHA specifications.


Instead of having several drums of coolant spread around the shop, you will be able to control it form one point at the Recycler.
 *   By controlling coolant concentration from one place, ( the Recycler), you will be able to significantly lower your coolant concentrate use.
 *  Tramp-oil removal will significantly cut down on smoking during the machining process and substantially increase your tool life.
*   Removing the coolant from the sumps of each machine on a regular schedule, and replacing it with clean, filtered coolant from the Recycler, will eliminate sludge build-up in the sumps, improve tool life and extend the life of the coolant.
*   Putting the shop on this regular machine cleaning schedule, will eliminate most of the need to dispose of rancid coolant.  You will be able to save a great deal of time and money on the cost of evaporating this rancid coolant.
*   The action of the coolant circulating through the Recycling System, aireates the coolant which helps kill anaerobic bacteria which is prevalent in the machine sumps.
*   Any coolant that is recovered from chip bins can also be put through the Recycler, to give you an additional saving.  Coolant carry-off can be as much as 8% to 10% of the weight of the chips.
*   Recycling System pay-back is usually 12 to 14 months.
*   Having the shop on a regular coolant maintenance program coupled with the Recycler and good record keeping, will not only save you money, but also give your machinist a cleaner more pleasant atmosphere to work in.